A different kind of employee benefits broker.

Expert benefits brokerage and administration services with a personal touch.


Reclaim Your Time


Manage Your Benefits Expense


Mitigate Your Risk

Has your benefits administration become labor intensive, expensive, and risky?

Medical plans are covering less and costing more

One-size packages don’t fit your business needs

You’re unsure of your options or how to find the best package

Constant legal changes put you at risk

You don’t have the bandwidth to manage all the moving pieces

You and your employees deserve a competitive benefits package without the headache it takes to maintain it.

Focused Benefits Support for Peace of Mind

Stress Less About Benefits

Imagine a benefits program that provides personal support to your employees and their families! We advocate for you and use your own data to inform and support you with the best benefit solutions.

Find Creative Cost Solutions

Whether we’re requesting competing bids from insurers or considering creative reimbursements from providers, TEB helps you optimize your benefits budget while still prioritizing employees’ unique needs.

Take Care of Your People

Your benefits program impacts more than just your bottom line. Your employees and their families depend on it. A great benefits package will help you attract and retain quality talent.

We Take Your Benefits Personally

Health and wellness is deeply personal. That’s why we serve as an advocate to help support your business and every one of your employees. And even though we do this for dozens of business owners and HR professionals, you’ll always feel like you’re our only client.

At Last, The Benefits Support You Need

Ensuring your benefits plan serves your employees well and is legally compliant shouldn’t add more tasks to your busy day. We act as an extension of your own HR department so you can be confident every detail is handled with excellence - the same way you would do it.

Benefits Brokerage

We’ll broker a deal with insurers to find the right benefits package that meets your unique needs and fits your budget.

Benefits Administration

Streamline your workflow by relying on our trusted team to organize benefits administration. We’re here for you at every step.


From new hire to open enrollment to COBRA, we’ll take the details of employee enrollment off your plate. Our systematic processes will make enrollment smooth and easy for everyone.


Onboarding new employees should be a breeze. We’re here to provide benefit education for every employee on your benefits plan. One more thing you don’t have to worry about.


Never feel confused by complicated compliance rules again. We’ll ensure your benefits packages align with the legal requirements. Finally you’ll have a trusted partner to deal with compliance headaches!

Get The Benefits Support You Never Knew Existed

You shouldn’t have to constantly shop around for a benefits broker that will advocate for and serve you and your employees when you need it most. With the TEBPros Team, you’ll know that we always deliver for you. Our 96% client retention rate and testimonials speak for themselves.

“The TEBPros team ensures our HR department and our employees have easy access to proactive support for our employee benefits programs. The TEBPros team is an extension to our HR department and provide an invaluable service to our employees. They make us feel like their #1 client!”

Ms. Thrift
Director of Compensation, Benefits, & Manufacturing

“Have I told you how much I love your enrollment portal? My staff / employees are delighted with it as well. Great job!”

D. Hylton

“Rachael has been our employee benefits broker since 1999. Her work ethic, her drive to satisfy our needs, and her dedication to all aspects of the business long after the sale has made me a loyal client. I wholeheartedly recommend TEB to anyone seeking a business partner to guide you in your employee benefits decisions.”

S. Moltzen

“Our agent [Brandon] and the TEB team take a consultative and very personal touch with our group. They always look out for the best interests of our company and our employees. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”

J. Otwell
Controller, Auto Dealership

“Thank you for the excellent packages you’ve pulled together for this insurance changeover. The signup portal was one of the best I’ve seen!”

Software Company

“Thank you so very much for your wonderful service and assistance! Greatly appreciated!!!”

S. Summers
TEB Client Employee

“The team at TEBPros has never let me down.”

Ms. Maxwell
Director of HR & Manufacturing

“I have had the pleasure of working with TEBPros for almost two years now and couldn’t be more grateful for our partnership. While they are incredibly knowledgeable, they are more importantly incredible people. The level of attention and care my organization receives surpasses the quality of experience I have personally had with other brokers. TEBPros works as problem solvers on an individual level and as business partner at the enterprise level. If you go “TEB”, you won’t be disappointed!”.

Mr. Richards
Human Capital, HR Director

“The difference between what we were experiencing from our former broker and what we are experiencing now [with TEB] is beyond night and day, it’s otherworldly.”

Ms. Mastrogiovanni

A Dedicated Extension of Your HR Team

Benefits Brokerage

We’ll broker a deal with insurers to find the right benefits package that meets your unique needs and fits your budget.

High-Touch Claims Care

We don’t just say that “we’re at your service.” We mean it. We’ll help guide employees when they need claims support, and care for each of them with personal, thoughtful attention.

Proactive Communication

We’ll broker a deal with insurers to find the right benefits package that meets your unique needs and fits your budget.

Simplify Your Benefits Management

Take care of your employees and improve your bottom line by partnering with Total Employee Benefits.

1. Talk to a TEB Benefits Expert

Talk with a member of our TEBPros Team about your needs and goals.

2. Get a Comprehensive Plan

Get more than just a benefits plan. We’ll also give you systems and a dedicated team to guide you at every step.

3. Move Your Business Forward

Shift your focus from daily benefits details to the strategic projects that will take your business to the next level.

You deserve more than a competitive benefits program.

Managing your benefits program and keeping up with constant policy changes doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. We know you have more important things to focus on than every little detail of benefits administration. And trust us, there are a lot of details.

That’s why for over 25 years our team has expertly managed benefit plans for companies just like yours.

It’s easy to make the switch: all it takes is one letter assigning Total Employee Benefits as your broker of record. Nothing else has to change. When you switch to TEB, you’ll get so much more than just benefits policies. You’ll receive systems and a dedicated team to guide and assist you as a trusted extension of your Human Resources.

It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked managing your own plan and receiving limited support from your broker. Instead, let your TEB team handle everything benefits-related as your trusted advisor and partner.

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